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Apktool 1.5.2

Connor Tumbleson
  • Output smali files to a folder named "smali" instead of "out". #410
  • Only show the --aapt / -a info in verbose mode.
  • Don't crash out if .git folder isn't present. Use SNAPSHOT-DEV instead. #503
  • Only store compressed resources.arsc if the original was compressed, otherwise STORE. #178
  • Moved build.gradle files to each subproject for more organization.
  • Prevented duplicated files in the final jar, saving around 1.2mb. #505
  • Added Proguard to reduce the final jar size from 6.2mb to 2.6mb.
  • Added a check for "aapt" in unit tests. #506
  • Added the ability to use --frame-path on if|install-framework.
  • Fixed the renaming of incorrectly named .r.9.png images to .9.png.
  • Added the ability to use --version to print out the Apktool version.