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Apktool 2.1.0

Connor Tumbleson
Maintainer of Apktool

This release removes Smali Debugging as it was no longer functioning and full of issues.

  • Breaking - Removes SmaliDebugging feature. (#1061)
  • Fixed issue with non-printable chars in unknown files. / Thanks ihanson
  • Fixed issue when a non-compressed file has no extension. (#1122) / Thanks BurgerZ
  • Added ability for launched executables (aapt) to differentiate between output and error streams. Thanks BurgerZ
  • Revamped internal storage of apktool.yml to be serialized objects vs entries in HashMap. (#1128) / Thanks rover
  • Closes streams that were not properly closed. (#1143)
  • Fixes issue when @null was improperly decoded. (#1123)
  • Fixes issue when apk filename has trailing space. (#1145) / Thanks BurgerZ
  • Fixes issue that all digits were treated as string using \ ### trick. (#1130)
  • Added additional feature to --keep-broken-res to ignore resource duplicates. (#1164) / Thanks crpalmer
  • Performance enhancement - Stops using String.format() for MISSING_RES_SPECS. (#1186) / Thanks dnault
  • Added support for decoding AndResGuard apps. (#1170)
  • Removed LittleEndianReader in favor for a public domain one. (#1166) / Thanks chirayudesai
  • Adapt 9patch decoder to handle any format (Color Table, RGB, RGBA, Gray, GrayAlpha). (#1180) / Thanks mattsarett

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.