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Reporting Bugs

With how fast obfuscation tools and Android releases occur - the bugs stack up. When you think you've encountered one, here is what to do:

  1. Search for an existing issue. If you find one, please comment with any additional information you have and/or toss a +1 reaction.
  2. Create a new issue, but please follow the issue template.

It's quite crucial you follow the issue template. With the little time the maintainer(s) have, if an issue is not properly formatted, it will be closed.

Improving the Documentation

Any large project needs a good set of documentation and Apktool is no exception. The docs remain in the same repository on the docs branch. So pull requests are welcome to grow this documentation.

When updating the docs, please follow the same style as the rest of the docs. There is a Lint check that will run on the docs to ensure they are formatted correctly.

To set up your codebase to run the lint check, make sure that the node package dependencies are installed. To do this, run the following command:

npm install

To run the lint check, run the following command:

npm run lint

To fix the majority of the issues picked up by the lint check above, run the following command:

npm run lint:fix

Responding to Issues

Another great way to help Apktool is to triage/respond to issues. This is a great way to get started with the project and help out fellow users.

Fixing Bugs

As mentioned, Apktool is open source and accepts pull requests. If you have a fix for a bug, please submit a pull request.

Suggest a Feature

While the focus for Apktool has primarily been fixing bugs, there are always new features to add. If you have a suggestion, please create a discussion in the Ideas board.