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Apktool 1.3.2

Ryszard Wiśniewski
  • Contains critical bug: #211
  • updated smali to v1.2.4
  • added support for API Level 8 resource qualifiers: night, car, etc. #176
  • added support for broken file-resources #202
  • don’t generate sdkVersion (-v) resource qualifiers if they're "natural" #196
  • always compress resources.arsc file #178
  • throw warnings instead of exceptions on unknown files inside smali dir #188
  • added support for resources using invalid/unknown config flags, e.g. from future APIs or added by manufacturer #176
  • added an option to keep broken resources to fix them manually #176
  • fixed case-sensitivity problems #197
  • fixed an issue when *.9.png doesn't have 9patch chunk in it #170
  • fixed NPE when there is a file without extension in drawable dir #173
  • fixed escaping of chars in XML style tags #175
  • fixed an error, when there are missing resources in a type, which does not have default config XDA Thread
  • try to use original value of XML attribute - instead of parsed one. Fixes an issue when apktool was decoding e.g. "01" as "1" #187
  • added more debugging info when omitting unknown config flags ("Config size > 32" message)