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Apktool 1.4.0

Ryszard Wiśniewski


  • Upgrade Apktool to v1.4.0
  • update install package to r04-brut1 or update your aapt manually
    • then remove $HOME/apktool/framework/1.apk or install your own framework from Honeycomb/Gingerbread


  • Added Honeycomb support (3.1, API 12).
    • support for mipmaps and xlarge, xhdpi resource qualifiers
    • updated builtin framework to 3.1 (API 12)
  • completely rewritten mechanism of enclosing/escaping strings in XML files:
    • fixed legendary #211 bug
    • fixed a lot of other bugs discovered when writing integration tests
    • string format is simpler and more compact now:   instead of \u0020, " instead of \", etc.
  • fixed incompatibilities between newer aapt and apks built by older one.
    • New aapt is more restrictive, some apps can't be built using it, even if you would have sources.
    • Apktool tries to convert/fix these incompatibilities: it adds formatted="false" for <string /> tags and enumerates substitutions for plurals.
  • updated smali to v1.2.6
  • added automatic integration tests for resource decoding and building
  • first official release of apktool built using Maven from open source
  • sort framework ids before storing them in apktool.yml.
    • aapt command requires you to include frameworks in order.
  • zero-padding of MCC resource qualifier
  • prefer to use raw values when decoding XML attrs.
    • This could make decoded XMLs a little more similar to original ones.
  • close apktool.yml file handler after generating it
  • added error message about missing input file when decoding
  • added more info messages during decoding.
  • do not decode res-references as <item />.
    • Now they're decoded as e.g. <string name="test">@android:string/ok</string> instead of <item type="string" name="test">@android:string/ok</item>.
  • changed encoding of generated XML files from UTF-8 to utf-8 - it's more consistent with Android SDK
  • add new line at the end of generated XML files.