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Apktool 2.0.3

Connor Tumbleson
Maintainer of Apktool
  • For developers - Run git submodule update --init --recursive to setup submodules.
  • Fixed issue with too long command due to large amount of uncompressed files. (#1053)
  • Fixed bad casting issue between ResStringValue and ResAttr. (#1060)
  • Fixed bad casting issue between ResStyleValue and ResAttr. (#957, #1063)
  • Prevent greedy additional .dex finder from pulling .dex files outside of apk root.
  • Move smali to git submodule for easier updates, update to 2.1.0 in process.
  • Fixed issue with echo in helper scripts. (#1056)
  • Fixed issue with mnc1 qualifier. (#1072)
  • Fixed issue with apks that have a 28 byte ResConfig size. (#1084) / Thanks rover
  • Cleaned up code base to match AOSP naming. (#1099)
  • Fixed issue with APKs that had sparse ResourceTable. (#964, #1031)
  • Added support for DATA_NULL_EMPTY
  • Added support for API23 mnc values. They are no longer zero padded.
  • Fixed issue where large int values in AndroidManifest.xml were truncated due to overflow. (#767) / Thanks gio73 and MarcMil
  • Added decode support for Dexguard Enterprise applications. (#1014)
  • Simply creates dummy key value names to prevent duplicate resource error.

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.