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Apktool 2.2.0

Connor Tumbleson

This release changes the default location for framework files on Linux and Windows. You may migrate with the following commands:

  • Windows - move %USERPROFILE%\apktool %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local
  • Linux - mkdir -p ~/.local/share; mv ~/apktool ~/.local/share
  • Updated smali/baksmali to v2.1.3
    • Fixed upstream issue where debug comment indexes can cause out of bounds exception. (#1269)
  • Default framework changed on Windows & Unix to prevent visible top level home directories. (#1277)
  • Fixed issue where extensions would be different cases. (#1258)
  • Fixed issue with APKs that had no versionCode / versionName properties. (#1264)
  • Fixed issue with improper decoding of @empty value. (#1270) / Thanks phhusson
  • Fixed issue with improper compression with files with multiple extensions. (#1244)
  • Fixed issue with overflow for applications that have absurdly large TypeSpec indexes. (#1185)
  • Fixed issue with hex values being truncated in AndroidManifest.xml. (#972)
  • Replaced public domain LittleEndianReader for Google's Guava LittleEndianDataInputStream (Apache2). (#1166) / Thanks amorris
  • Fixed issue with APKs that have duplicate value names by creating dummy names. (#894)
  • Adjust mac and unix scripts to force UTF8 file encoding.
  • Fixed public resource reference error when using references in android:scheme in AndroidManifest.xml. (#1097)
  • Fixed issue with APKs where parent reference in styles.xml is not found. (#745)

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.