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Apktool 2.2.3

Connor Tumbleson
Maintainer of Apktool

This release contains an updated internal framework file.

  • apktool empty-framework-dir to remove the old file.
  • Android O Preview Support (#1453)
  • Updated to smali 2.2.1
  • Updated internal aapt binaries to android-7.1.2_r11
  • Removed deprecated fatJar plugin in favor of ShadowJar
  • This turns fatJar to shadowJar on build instructions.
  • Updated gradle to v3.5. Thanks friederbluemle
  • Fix for reading length of UTF16 encoded strings. Thanks atn1969
  • Fixed issue changing default parameters on baksmali. (#1481)
  • Fixed issue with apktool locking access to input files. (#1160) Thanks MarcMil
  • Add support for animated vector drawables. (#1456)
  • Fixes decoding brightness. (#1508) Thanks phhusson
  • Prevent unknown file decode outside of archive. (#1498) / Thanks mkilling
  • Fixes improper decoding of optical bounds in images. (#1511) Thanks phhusson

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.