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Apktool 2.3.4

Connor Tumbleson

This release contains an updated internal framework file.

  • apktool empty-framework-dir to remove the old file.
  • Android Pie Final Support (#1864)
  • Fixed issue with rebuilding applications with $ or _ characters (aapt2 only). (#1776)
  • Fixed process executor to wait for response (15 seconds) in the case of identifying aapt version. (#1809) / Thanks sunshouxiang
  • Fixed issue with 0 size file being marked as doNotCompress. (#1843) / Thanks alexeikh
  • Updated aapt2 to latest version to handle various edge cases. (#1817)
  • Align the frameworks/base project for both aapt1/aapt2 builds. (#1889)
  • Update to Gradle 4.10 and fix warnings with upgrade. (#1884)

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.