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Apktool 2.4.1

Connor Tumbleson

This release contains an updated internal framework file.

  • apktool empty-framework-dir to remove the old file.
  • Updated baksmali/smali to version 2.3.4
  • Upgrade to gradle 5.6.2
  • Added support for Android Q (10) Final. (#2131)
  • Fixed build issue with JDK9+ because of jmod change. (#2086)
  • Fixed security issue with unpacking assets to unintended locations via directory traversal. (#2058)
  • Fixed issue with api-level command not showing in advanced documentation. (#2027)
  • Fixed issue with directory creation warning when framework directory not made. (#2048)
  • Fixed issue with missing mapping for Q shorthand property. (#2045)
  • Fixed issue with raw qmg files not decoding correctly. (#2046)
  • Fixed issue with copying assets where output directory doesn't match initial structure. (#2046)
  • Fixed issue with NPE with empty attribute content during deserialization. (#2063)
  • Fixed removal of META-INF/services. (#2084, #2018) Thanks adibfara
  • Fixed support for "attr" bag type. (#2117) Thanks visigoth
  • Fixed wiping license headers of AOSP/Android4Me files. (#2093)
  • Added enhanced wrapper file for Windows. (#2120) Thanks Varstahl
  • Added advance command for skipping disassemble of non-root dex packages. (#2051)
  • Fixed issue with MIUI package names being renamed. (#2028) Thanks IgorEisberg
  • Work-around with issue with large 9patch path spamming in uncompressed file list. (#1272) Thanks IgorEisberg
  • Fixed issue with NPE on annotations (#2071)
  • Fixed issue with garbled attributes (#1576) Thanks brianairb
  • Fixed regression with --only-main-classes (#2226) Thanks realityJie
  • Fixed 32bit binary issue with Window aapt/aapt2 builds. (#2141) Thanks Furniel
  • Fixed issue with JVM not knowing bitness on Windows in some situations. (#2105)
  • Fixed issue with long path commands due to recording compression. (#1272) Thanks peret

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.