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Apktool 2.6.1

Connor Tumbleson
  • Add apktool-cli to Maven publishing. (#2686)
  • Add support for signature scheme v4 (#2687)
  • Add commons-lang project to remove deprecated methods from commons-io. (#2713) (Thanks alsutton)
  • Upgrade to commons-cli 1.5.0 (Thanks Goooler)
  • Upgrade to guava 31.0.1 (Thanks Goooler)
  • Upgrade to jengelman.shadow 7.1.0 (Thanks Goooler)
  • Fix licenseFormat[Test/Main] to properly inject variables into license preamble.
  • Fix temp files being written into /tmp and not automatically removed. (#2739)
  • Support automatic workaround for using private resources. (#2637) (Thanks MrIkso)

This post was originally released at: and duplicated in part here for historical reasons.